Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Janet Leon i studion med Wyclef Jean"

There is an article about Janet on the web site, hotgossip.se. I don't know what the article says since it's in Swedish, but it was posted on October 23rd of this year, so I figured it's pretty recent! If anyone would care to translate this, please e-mail me or leave a comment on this post! The English translation of the article is below!

Click the photo below to go to the article.

*Emily was nice enough to translate the article to English for us!
Thank you so much!

"Janet Leon was formerly with the Swedish girl group Play, which was produced by Laila Bagge. Laila is familiar in this year’s Idol jury.

Now Laila along with Anders Bagge and Andreas Carlsson have formed a new company in which Janet is a solo artist, states Metro (name of company).

Many say she is projected to become another great female international mega star and online, there are clips showing Andreas Carlsson, together with Janet, while she works together with Black Eyed Peas producers and sings acapella with mega star Wycelf Jean.

According to Metro, they do not want any of the Idol-Jury to talk about Janet yet, so to avoid losing focus on this year’s participants in Idol."

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