Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fanny Hamlin on MQ

Faye is featured in yet another MQ commercial, and her biography can be found on their website. Click here to check it out!

Here is somewhat of an English translation of the article.

Fanny Hamlin

"I want to give my family good health so that they’ll always be healthy and stay close to me

The singer Fanny Hamlin from Enskede, Stockholm, is something of an musical wonderchild. Only twenty years old and she’s already got a career behind her as an international teen star with the group Play, who were signed to the American Columbia Records, not to mention the legendary Tommy Mottola as manager. She got tired of her life as an idol in the US and moved back to Sweden to complete her interrupted gymnasium education (secondary education). As a side job, she’s also worked as a model.Presently, Fanny has put aside the idol career and is currently working with fashion in Whyred (a brand).

“At the moment, I’m just singing for fun with my friends, but I do intend to revive my idol career someday, and the goal is to be able to live on it, of course."

Fanny has been “extremely interested in fashion.” Lately, she’s been adjusted with a different attitude to fashion, which has also become her occupation.

“You get affected by the styles and it becomes different as you grow more familiar with it, even if I don’t follow the new trends obsessively. Getting snowbound (getting deeper) by what you’re doing with can easily happen as well, but I’ve always liked Whyred. Otherwise I like to doll myself up. I don’t own any jeans as I like to walk around in skirts and dresses – and chino pants. Folded chinos are my thing at the moment. It’s sort of gives the preppy look that I like that I’ll continue with for a while.”

A huge thank you to TayTay for e-mailing me the information and the translation, and to Mae for the updated English translation and link!

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