Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stadium Status Blog 2 - Oh! by Kocky

Kocky had posted this blog back in April, but he mentions Rosanna in it!! Here is the part of his blog that mentions her:

"Me and Rosanna wrote the song melody and lyrics in her ridiculously hot and humid appartment. At the time the both of us was very into Fergies "Glamorous", I (discovering the song a bit late I have to admit) loved the Polow the Don-produced original while Rosanna (of course) listened to some electro house remix. I wasn't crazy about the remix, but I liked the idea of mixing pop/rnb with a harder dance track.

Coming up with the lyrics was by far the most difficult part about writing the song, making it fun and "edgy" without being corny. I sincerely hope we pulled it off. Rosanna really put in effort, googling car models for the second verse."

Kocky actually has "Oh!" available on his Myspace, so if you want to add it as your Myspace song, you can! ;)

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