Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rosanna on Kocky's new album, Stadium Status

Rosanna is actually on four songs on Kocky's new album, Stadium Status! The songs she sings by herself are called "Fast Car" and "Oh!" She is also on "We're Back" and "Promise 2 Call." You can listen to clips and buy the songs off of iTunes. Click the picture below to check them out!

Rosanna actually co-wrote "Oh!", "We're Back" and "Promise 2 Call"!
(How awesome is that?!)

The song that Rosanna performed with Kocky in the video I posted a few days ago is not originally sung by her on Kocky's album, but she performed it live with him. I personally love the song, so I bought it from iTunes also! It's called 4-ever Juvenile.

Rosie said she has been really busy in the studio working on a lot of songs. Hopefully I will bring you guys news on that when it becomes available!

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