Friday, November 27, 2009

Introducing... Play.

PLAY is back.. with a few changes! Please read on for more information!

Early next year, Andreas Carlsson, Laila Bagge, Anders Bagge back in the TV box with Made in Sweden. Finally, we follow Janet and Kim who both became superstars in Sweden. This time we get to know the girl group Play. The girls Fanny, Anais and Sanne to the four weeks to record a new album and then become superstars in both Sweden and the United States.

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Jessica (from Sweden) had this to say!

PLAY IS GONNA BE IN THE NEXT "MADE IN SWEDEN". They said it on the radio yesterday! They are gonna give Play a "second chance". Janet's not in the group. It's Anais and Fanny, and they have a new member called Sanne! Rosanna dropped out two weeks ago. Anais said that she and Fanny haven't sung in six years.

And what I am thinking can be greatly summed up by Brittany's comment in the previous blog entry!

I think they sound great together! Sanne's voice blends in really well with Fanny and Anais's. At least we get to hear more music from them!....I know the new Play may be hard to get used to, but we have to give them a chance and we need to support them like we have supported the other girls and Welcome Sanne like we welcomed Janet when she was the new I said, I think they sound great together! I'm really excited about this!

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